New York City

Director: Lisa Rosen

Raimundo de Madrazo’s "Christopher Columbus at the Court of Ferdinand and Isabelle" (circa 1890-1900) is a mural sized painting that measures 25 feet wide by 14 feet tall; its figures are life-sized. Italo-American Senators of Albany Award for Excellence in Restoration, 2004.<br /><br />click images to advance >> Left side: detail during cleaning of the winged Victory figure.<br />Right side: detail of courtiers after restoration.<br />Italian Charities of New York Left side: during cleaning of 14th century "Deposition of Christ" (Siena).<br />Right side: after restoration.<br />Galleria Colonna, Rome, Italy. Left side: damaged and vandalized 14th century panel depicting King David and St. Jerome.<br />Right side: after restoration.<br />Galleria Colonna, Rome, Italy. Left side: condition of Paris Bordone’s "St. Sebastian" painting before restoration. Below: detail.<br />Right side: after restoration.<br />Galleria Colonna, Rome, Italy. Signature discovered after cleaning tree trunk area reads "Paris B." Bordone was a star assistant in Titian’s studio.<br />Paris Bordone 1500-1571 Venice.<br />Galleria Colonna, Rome, Italy. Left side: detail of Jean Michel Basquiat painting before readhesion intervention.<br />Right side: after restoration.<br />Private collection, New York City. Detail of Bassano painting during cleaning (note clean lower section ’windows’).<br />Right side: after restoration.<br />Private collection, New York City. Left side photo shows a detail of a Jacopo or Francesco Bassano painting during cleaning. Note lower section of seated man’s robe.<br />Right side: restored. BASSANO (Italian mid-16th century).<br />Private collection, New York City. "Saints Agatha and Agnes with Madonna and Child" before cleaning. 15th century, wooden altarpiece. Note paint loss, lower right.<br />Galleria Colonna, Rome, Italy. "Saints Agatha and Agnes" during cleaning. Note appearance of unfinished angel, the artist’s pentimento, to the left of the Madonna. The artist decided to paint over this unfinished angel with sky.<br />Galleria Colonna, Rome, Italy. Discovered while cleaning a large mediocre 20th century ’Bath’ scene, 18th century "Vestal Virgins" tending the eternal flame.<br />Private collection, Rome, Italy. Left, after removal of entire 20th century amateur painting.  Note the amount of paint loss.<br />Right, after restoration "Vestal Virgins Tending the Eternal Flame".<br />Private collection, Rome, Italy. Before: the barely legible condition of the painted façade by Galileo Chini (1904-05), 15th century building.<br />Via Cavour 18-24, Arezzo, Italy. Detail of the painted façade of a building in central Arezzo.<br />Left side: condition of first floor before restoration.<br />Right side: after intervention.<br />Arezzo, Italy. Left side: Detail of top floor. <br />Right side: after restoration.<br />Arezzo, Italy. Sentence written in red on the façade discovered under the eaves, top floor. Translation: "1904, it’s as cold now as it was in November".<br />Arezzo, Italy. Left side: before restoration<br />Right side: after restoration<br />Private collection, New York City