New York City

Director: Lisa Rosen

Fine Art Restoration New York City

Marie Mancini, Princess Colonna, 1639-1715
Portrait by Jacob Voet. Collection of Prince Stefano Colonna, private apartments of Palazzo Colonna, Rome.

Lisa Rosen has been restoring fine art for over three decades. She began as an apprentice based in Rome, Italy in 1984, learning the techniques of a wide variety of media such as frescoes, oils, mosaics, ceramics and marble. Over the next 16 years Rosen honed her skills working on masterpieces in churches, museums and private estates throughout Italy. In 2000, Rosen returned to the United States and opened her studio FINE ART RESTORATION in New York City.

Since then, Rosen has completed restorations of artworks in numerous churches, galleries and private collections throughout New York City. If the artwork and the intervention allows, she enjoys working on site thus avoiding hefty transportation and handlers’ fees. Rosen specializes in oil paintings on canvas or panel from any period, from old family portraits, heirlooms to 15th to 21st century works of art. Artists have included Paris Bordone, Balthus, Jean Michel Basquiat.

Fine Art Restoration strictly adheres to the Conservator’s Code of Ethics as created by the AIC and ICCROM.