New York City

Director: Lisa Rosen

Cleaning off the last section of grime, nicotine and altered varnish (by Q-tip) on the Chelsea Hotel office ceiling, formerly the Ladies Powder room, circa 1889.<br />Chelsea Hotel, New York City.<br /><br />Please click on each photo to advance >> Left side: before the restoration of the decorated ceiling and upper walls in the Director's office of the Chelsea Hotel, formerly the Ladies’ Powder room, circa 1889.<br />Right side: restoration completed.<br />Chelsea Hotel, New York City. Ceiling of the Galleria degli Stucchi.<br />Palazzo Spada, Rome, Italy. Left side: famous perspective corridor by Francesco Borromini located in the courtyard of Palazzo Spada.<br />Right side: detail during cleaning of the statues on the ceiling of the Galleria degli Stucchi, circa 1550.<br />Palazzo Spada, Rome Italy. Left side: During restoration of painted wooden ceiling in the private apartments of Prince Prospero Colonna.<br />Right side: detail during cleaning. Note cleaned area upper right.<br />Palazzo Colonna, Rome, Italy. Before and after restoration of damaged (mold, water infiltration, cracks,etc.) frescoed ceiling.<br />Private house Via Veneto, Rome, Italy. Left side: painted decorations on the wooden door and wall of an antechamber (before).  Right side: damaged ceiling.<br />Private apartments, Colonna Palace, Rome, Italy. Antechamber wall and ceiling after restoration.<br />Palazzo Colonna, Rome, Italy. Ceiling of St. Joseph Funeral Chapel at the Church of the Transfiguration a.k.a. The Little Church Around the Corner (1 East 29th Street, NYC).<br />Left side: before the restoration.<br />Right side: after completion.