New York City

Director: Lisa Rosen

Church of San Pietro in Caveoso (13th - 17th century) Matera, Basilicata, Italy.<br />Note paleolithic caves on mountain to the left. After manual removal of the amateur ochre colored 1940’s frescoed additions, the "Madonna della Misericordia" appeared on the left side of the altar and "Saint Jude" on the right side (18th century anonymous local artist). See next photo for further discoveries.<br />Church of San Pietro in Caveoso, Matera, Italy. Discovered hidden behind the frescoed slabs of masonry on both the left and right sides of the altar (previous photo) were six late 13th century polychrome reliefs (facing into the concave wall, three on each side, placed one above the other). Here, the first relief is captured in the reflection of a mirror.<br />Church of San Pietro in Caveoso, Matera, Italy. Discovered after removing 18th century masonry that surrounded this chapel window, polychrome gilded wood statue with glass eyes and painted Medieval stone arch (13th century). Note a marble bust randomly used as filler (left).<br />San Pietro in Caveoso, Matera, Italy. During the removal of the garish top painting, these three (possible) "Vestal Virgins" appeared (circa 1700’s). Note that each figure holds a glass/mirror toward the eternal flame. The painting had been completely painted over with a "bath scene".<br />Private collection, Rome, Italy. Left, after removal of entire 20th century amateur painting.  Note the amount of paint loss.<br />Right, after restoration "Vestal Virgins Tending the Eternal Flame".<br />Private collection, Rome, Italy. Beautiful black and gold filigree work discovered underneath the 18th century green paint of 14 wooden frames.<br />Private apartments of  Palazzo Colonna, Rome, Italy. "Saints Agatha and Agnes with Madonna and Child" before cleaning and discovering angel. 15th century wooden altarpiece. Note paint loss and altered varnish.<br />Palazzo Colonna, Rome, Italy "Saints Agatha and Agnes" during cleaning. Note appearance of unfinished angel, the artist’s pentimento, to the left of the Madonna. The artist decided to cover this unfinished angel (left ) with sky.<br />Galleria Colonna, Rome, Italy. Sentence written in red discovered under the eaves on the façade. Translation: "1904, it’s as cold now as it was in November".<br />Arezzo, Italy. Left side: condition of Paris Bordone’s "St. Sebastian" painting before restoration. Below: detail.<br />Right side: after restoration.<br />Galleria Colonna, Rome, Italy. Signature discovered after cleaning tree trunk area reads "Paris B." Bordone was a star assistant in Titian’s studio.<br />Paris Bordone 1500-1571 Venice.<br />Galleria Colonna, Rome, Italy. Italian terra-cotta statues (1920’s-30’s) before and after reconstructions. Italian terra-cotta statues (1920’s-30’s) before and after reconstructions.